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9, L. Ukrainky Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01133
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About company

«Universalna» is an insurance company with almost 30 years of experience. It is one of the top ten companies in the modern Ukrainian insurance market. It is also one of the TOP-10 leaders among insurance companies by the results in 2017, published in the Insurance TOP magazine.

IC "Universalna" provides services to individual and corporate clients. A unique sales network with a wide representation in the regions allows to provide a significant part of the market with the most demanded types of insurance (property/transport insurance, liability insurance and health insurance).

In total, the company has 29 licenses, offers 42 types of insurance and has more than 150 insurance products. The client base of IC "Universalna" has more than 375 thousand clients.

The company focuses on the most stable and dynamically growing SMEs in the retail business, as well as in special and corporate segments.

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