OKKO GROUP - Official Website
OKKO GROUP - Official Website

More than 400 filling stations all over Ukraine

USD 40 million investment in agriculture

8 plants, 300 tons of products daily

The country’s largest network of roadhouses

The largest business city in Western Ukraine

Holding's companies


Vitaliy Antonov

Vitaliy Antonov


The OKKO brand has been well known on the Ukrainian market for 20 years. Today, for many people, it is a symbol of the highest level of quality and service. We started in 1997 with a few gas stations in Western Ukraine and now we have grown to the scale of one of the largest economic holdings of the country, which unites companies from various sectors – from retail to construction and energy, agriculture and other business areas.

However, regardless of business area, financial and marketing policies all units of the Holding stick to a common business ideology. In each market where we operate, we strive to be leaders. In every sphere we  bear up a principle of fair and honest competition. We treat every customer with extreme attention, and every decision - with maximum responsibility. This, perhaps, is the very secret of success of all businesses united by OKKO GROUP Holding.

All units of the Holding are separate business entities, with their own development strategy, financial policy, management and corporate culture. But in many projects we coordinate their efforts, through which we are able to achieve significant synergy and competitive advantages. The OKKO GROUP Holding is always open to cooperation and is interested in participating in new, bold initiatives that can change Ukraine for the better.