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2 Khlibna Str, Lviv, Ukraine, 79035
About company

Concern Khlibprom is one of the largest producers of bakery products in Ukraine, which produces about 160 tons of products daily: bread, bakery, confectionary and semi-finished dough products.

The structure of Concern Khlibprom includes 5 processing enterprises located in Lviv and Vinnytsia regions. Each production site has its own accredited quality laboratory, which controls the products at all stages of the production process.

For 17 years of work in the market, the company has established itself as a responsible manufacturer, a reliable partner and a progressive industry operator. The company remains one of the largest investors and employers in the regions of its presence, uniting more than 3,000 employees.

As part of the technical development program, Concern Khlibprom invests in high-tech equipment from Germany, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands. Following the best world experience, the Company cares about preserving national production traditions. Bakeries of Concern Khlibprom do not lose the recipes developed over decades and continue the policy of production from natural raw materials.

Concern Khlibprom owns such TMs as Agrola, Vinnytsiahlib, 2go, Ljubljana, Bandinelli, and the Juni children's line. Recently, the Company launched a unique product for home baking on the Ukrainian market: Swedish bread, German bread, Lviv Custard with sunflower bread and Wheat and rye unleavened bread from TM Agrola. The premium line of fresh bread "Bread of the World" is in constant demand: - Finnish, Swedish, Polish and German, the line of mini-loaves Greek and Paprikash and the unique children's line "Juni" for children aged from 3 years.

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