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24/1 Pylypa Orlyka Str, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04070
About company

OKKO Agrotrade is an agro-direction of OKKO Group, established in 2016 to satisfy the main production needs of the agricultural sector in whole, namely to provide them with high-quality fuels, efficient fertilizers, financial resources and guarantees of sales of grown products.

The company offers farmers cooperation under the forward program, according to which farmers will pay for the received resources with the products of the future harvest. Relevant agreements are executed by an agrarian note or a pledge agreement. OKKO Agrotrade mainly sells agricultural products obtained as a result of such cooperation for export. In 2019, the volume of exports amounted to almost 700 thousand tons.

In the 2019 marketing year, OKKO Agrotrade increased the amount of financing of agricultural producers by 20% under the forward program by providing more than 1 billion UAH in the form of cash and commodity supplies of mineral fertilizers and fuel to farmers.

Today, more than 300 agro-industrial producers are members of the OKKO Agrotrade forward program - as large companies with lands from 500 to 30 thousand hectares. Every interested farmer can go through the procedure of a program participant. In 2019, OKKO Agrotrade significantly simplified the contractual procedure and reduced the time for consideration of customer inquiries - express analysis of a potential agreement takes place within 1-2 days, the contract is executed within a week.

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