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About company

Concern Galnaftogaz (OKKO filling stations network) is one of the largest filling stations in Ukraine with a market share of trade in light oil products over 18%. The company includes more than 400 filling stations under the OKKO brand. The company also has the largest network in Ukraine of restaurants on the road, which operates under the brands Hot café, A la minute, Pasta Mia and Meiwei.

Also, divisions of the OKKO network are engaged in the sale of goods through stores at filling stations, the sale of petroleum products in large and small groups, provide services for the examination of fuel quality, storage and transportation of petroleum products. The company has licenses to supply natural gas and electricity.

OKKO network has 10 oil depots, 1 gas filling station and 19 stationary and mobile laboratories for quality control of oil products.

In 2009, Concern Galnaftogaz established its loyalty program Fishka. Today, it is the largest multi-partner rewards program in Ukraine, uniting large national companies. Currently, more than 5 million Ukrainians participate in the Fishka program.

In 2019, the company implemented a project to renovate the central office in Lviv. In the same year, the largest façade solar power plant in Western Ukraine with a capacity of up to 200,000 kWh per year was installed on the façade of its 7-storey building. The solar power plant consists of 1000 panels located on the façade and roof of the building.

Concern Galnaftogaz has been a reliable partner of the world’s leading financial institutions for more than ten years, including the EBRD and IFC. The company demonstrates stable development even in the period of negative economic trends in the country. Achieving consistently high rates of EBITDA, Concern Galnaftogaz is the best example of financial efficiency.

In 2018, Concern Galnaftogaz paid more than 7.26 billion UAH in taxes, in 2019 paid more than 8.11 billion UAH in taxes.

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