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Fishka Rebranding – New Image of Loyalty Program

Fishka Rebranding – New Image of Loyalty Program
Nov 25, 2016

Fishka loyalty program which unites large nationwide companies, started the overall re-branding. The changes have embraced the visual part, the communication tone and also the mission and positioning of the program. New corporate patterns, more emotions and pleasant things “for no special reason” - Banda Agency has worked over the creative strategy and visuals.

7 years of work on the market and constant active development has involved not only the 3,5 million of Ukrainians as customers and the group of great companies as partners into the loyalty program but also created quite a challenging puzzle with which the team has turned to Banda Agency.

“Each partner of our program presents different areas of activities, is totally independent and has his/her own style of communication which embraces everything – beginning with tone of the messages to the visual representation. On the one hand, we provide yet another benefit for the client by constantly expanding the list of partners. But on the other hand, one problem occurs – the more brands we unite, the more difficult it is to communicate with customers. And here is the main question, with which we have turned to Banda Agency: how to be the only comfortable source of communication from big companies to a certain client? How to create the understanding of the card’s value, its opportunities and offers?”, comments Dmytro Vozniuck, manager of the Fishka program. “And being one of the first loyalty programs on the market, we wanted to update “old” Fishka, add something new, fresh and light.”

“Average loyalty programs always ask or demand something, promise some benefit but forget simple human emotions. And with Fishka things are totally different. It doesn’t ask anything. You just do the ordinary things – refuel at a fuel filling station, buy products in the supermarket or choose a new gadget, and by doing this you receive some nice reward. For no particular reason. Just because you do this together with Fishka. This loyalty program turns your shopping routine into an interesting adventure that brings small bonuses, and this is what engages people into this brand”, explains Pavlo Klubnickin, creative director of Banda Agency. “Sensing this unique peculiarity, the mission was defined by itself: Fishka makes every purchase pleasing and wants nothing in return”.

Besides the idea part, the visual solutions and the communication style have been updated. The new image of Fishka has preserved the familiar fish motive but got rid of the unnecessary things – it became more universal. At the same time, the color palette – mix of red and white – stays the fundamental feature of the brand, making it distinctive, vivid, strong and bright.

To unite everything into one style and to preserve the individuality of the brands, Fishka team and Banda Agency decided to step out of the well-known color-filled circle and go beyond – into personal circle patterns. That is why the agency has developed the series of graphical elements, enabling partial usage of logotypes or elements from the area of partner’s activities.

The communicating tone also has changed. Fishka has become simpler, more comprehensible and closer in “communication”. It doesn’t impose but advises and shares the useful up-to-date information. Therefore, Fishka becomes a sort of “personal assistant” that always knows the following: where and what the offer is, where and what the specialty is. And even more, Fishka doesn’t “talk about everything and nothing” at the same time but it strives to sort out the things which can be interesting for the member of the program. The brand team is actively working now to provide the maximum “personalization” of the offers and as the result, it wants to reach the «specially for U» format of the suggestions.

You can get acquainted with the modified Fishka program right now – the plastic cards with the updated design has been launched since October. You can get it from one of the partners of the program. The users will be able to check the advantages of the new website of Fishka soon. And before the New Year the clients will have access to the updated mobile app. The team promises that its new opportunities and offers will definitely please the clients of the program. But all this, as they say, is coming soon...  

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