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More than 20,000 Ukrainians watched a social video about road safety

More than 20,000 Ukrainians watched a social video about road safety
Nov 4, 2020

OKKO has launched an all-Ukrainian project “Please, shine!”. As part of this social project, a laser projection of a video dedicated to road safety in the dark was shown to Kyiv residents, guests of the city and viewers of online broadcasts from all over the country. The video was projected on the building of the National Library named after V.I. Vernadsky. More than 20,000 Ukrainians watched the online broadcast of the social video. More than a million people managed to reach the topic on social networks.

The topic of the social project was chosen because of the acute urgency of the problem. According to statistics, the number of accidents on the roads of Ukraine grows every year. Only in 2019, there were 160,000 accidents (this is 7% more than in 2018). More than 32,000 people were injured in the accident, 3454 of them died. 40% died as a result of hitting a pedestrian.

According to official data, reflectors reduce the risk of a car accident by 6 times. After all, a person who has reflective elements is visible for 130-150 meters, while a person in dark clothes - only 15-25 meters.

“A driver can see a pedestrian in dark clothes only 15 meters from the car. So even if he is driving at a speed of 50 km/h, the braking distance will be about 30 meters, which is twice the distance from which he will notice a pedestrian in the dark”, - said Yevhen Mudzhyri, the founder of the electric car blog AutoGeek, during the premiere of the social video.

Therefore, in a social video “Please, shine!” the company drew the attention of Ukrainians to the problem of accidents in the dark and encouraged pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to have reflective elements on clothing and accessories.

“Modern bicycle clothing manufacturers integrate reflective elements into equipment. It's inexpensive, but it really saves lives”, - emphasized Dmytro Petrov, co-founder of the Echelon cycling team, the winner of mountain and road cycling competitions.

“This year's social project is not situational, we have been working to increase road safety for several years. In 2014, we launched the project “Please, live! Road safety”. We drew attention to various topics: the inadmissibility of using plugs in cars instead of seat belts, the problem of using smartphones while driving. This year we raised the issue of invisible pedestrians, the lack of reflectors in road users. After all, we received statistics from the National Police of Ukraine and they impressed us, - Yaroslava Poliakova, the Head of corporate communications department of OKKO, told about the urgency of the problem. - We have already started receiving inquiries about reflectors - people are becoming interested in the accessory and are ready to buy it for themselves and their children. Therefore, we hope that with such steps we will be able to positively influence the accident statistics in the future”.

The laser projection "Please, shine!", the purpose of which was to remind road users about the importance of saving lives and the need to use reflectors, Kyiv residents and guests watched live on the library building for 3 days - October 22, 23 and 24 from 19:00 to 21:00.

The company plans to continue working on the topic of road safety. The next activity is scheduled for November and will also be related to reflective elements. OKKO wants to draw attention to students who often do not have flickers.

“Soon we are announcing a new stage of the social project. Drawing the attention of a large number of Ukrainians to the problem is a serious success, so with the following activities we want to consolidate the habit of always being visible in the dark,” -comments Yaroslava Poliakova.

"Please shine!" is a social initiative of OKKO, which is part of the project "Please, live! Road safety”. The project aims to influence the behavior of road users and encourage them to be more responsible for road safety.

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