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Sep 11, 2023

OKKO network and “COME BACK ALIVE” Foundation have completed the transfer of all the unmanned reconnaissance complexes “SHARK” within the framework of the joint initiative "OKO ZA OKO" (EYE FOR AN EYE). All 25 complexes have already been sent to the front line. The last

three were handed on September 11th.

Thanks to the work of SHARKs, the enemy has already suffered significant losses in manpower and equipment. For example, at Zaporizhzhia direction only one of these 25 reconnaissance devices helped to destroy 5 BUK anti-aircraft missile systems, GRAD salvo fire system, several guns and howitzers. Also, for the first time during the Russian-Ukrainian war, with the help of SHARKs, were destroyed radar combat complex SVET-KU and extremely rare enemy radar YASTRUB AV.

 Among other hit targets are radar and electronic warfare countermeasure systems such as "POLE-21", "ZOOPARK-1M", "LEER-2" and dozens of artillery and armoured vehicles, etc.

Almost all the artillery brigades and reconnaissance battalions fighting as part of the Armed Forces received SHARKs within the framework of OKO ZA OKO initiative. Besides, 4 complexes were handed over to the marine corps, 3 pcs to mechanized brigades, 2 pcs to the Defence Intellegence of Ukraine of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, 1 to the technical intelligence unit of the training centre, which performs combat missions at the front. One more complex was received by the Separate reconnaissance unit and played a significant role in the summer counteroffensive campaign at the Zaporizhzhia direction.

"It is a highly effective investment in victory. To acquire these complexes, we spent 325 million hryvnias, but they have already helped to destroy enemy equipment worth several billion hryvnias. And Sharks continue to work on the front line, - commented Vasyl Danylyak, CEO of OKKO. - Our network OKKO transferred for the purchase of this equipment 1 hryvnia from each sold litre of Pulls branded fuel, which we now call “the fuel of revenge”. I keep thanking to all Ukrainians who joined our initiative."

"All 25 SHARK intelligence complexes are already working on the front line. Thanks to their long range and duration of the flight, they search and detect "big fish" in the rear of the enemy – anti-aircraft missile complexes, multiple-launch rocket systems, radar stations, means of radio-electronic warfare and reconnaissance – and then adjust our artillery fire on them. It is also important that SHARK is not just a drone, but it is self-sufficient complexes based on four-wheel-drive converted chassis — this makes the crews' work more efficient and safer," said Taras Chmut, the director of "COME BACK ALIVE".

We remind that each reconnaissance complex "SHARK" consist of the off-road vehicle Torsus Terrastorm from Pulsar Expo equipped with control panel, a launcher and two UAVs with a wingspan of 3.4 meters and ability to work in the air for up to 4 hours. They are resistant to EW devices and can perform adaptive target tracking of an object with speed up to 100 km/h.

In addition, within the framework of the "OKO ZA OKO" initiative, 25 reserve drones were purchased for the defence forces of Ukraine: in order to replace those devices lost during the functioning in combat missions.

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