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OKKO network supports the development of children’s rock climbing

OKKO network supports the development of children’s rock climbing
Nov 15, 2016

OKKO network of filling stations constantly supports projects that promote healthy lifestyle, passion for sports and physical culture. In particular, last year the company’s president Vitaly Antonov was one of the initiators of the opening of modern indoor rock climbing center The Wall in Lviv. Now in order to popularize this kind of sport among children of Lviv OKKO supported the creation children's climbing team. In October, the young climbers took part in their first national competitions – Ukrainian Climbing Cup and Odessa Open Climbing Cup for teenagers. On 12th of November the OKKO supported team from Lviv participated in the children's climbing festival Junior Climbing Jam, which took place in Kiev.

It was the first competition for most children with this team. Although the kids did not get any prizes, they adequately represented Lviv at national level. Enriched by the experience and excitement of the sport, young climbers begin preparation for the new tournament.

"Rock climbing is not just a sport but a kind of school that helps to form the character, raise the team spirit and focus on results, - says Vitaliy Antonov, President of OKKO network, Candidate Master in mountaineering and rock climbing. – It’s not easy to conquer the summit: the climbing forces to exert power and intelligence, to constantly make choices, and to make mistakes and learn their lessons, to go ahead despite the obstacles and eventually - to climb to a new level. By laying this "foundation" in the childhood, over the years we will see not only strong athletes, but champions in life".

Every child aged 5 to 16 years that attends trainings at The Wall can become a member of the team. Professional trainers, including sportsmen who have won national and international competitions numerous times with experience training Ukraine’s national team to participate in the World Cups, train the children’s team. Among these are experts. The trainers develop individual schedule of classes for each young sportsman individually, helping to plan the load to maximize development.

Organization of classes for young climbers engaged professional trainers, among them - repeated prize winners of national and international competitions, including the experience of preparation of the national team of Ukraine to performances at the world championships. Given the characteristics of each child, they develop individual schedule of classes, helping to plan the load to maximize development. And then everything depends on the will and commitment of young athletes. Classes under the supervision of instructors are completely safe, as climbing walls are equipped with the most modern equipment by world-renown manufacturers.

As the head coach, Champion of Ukraine 2015 and bronze medalist of World Cup 2008, Stanislav Kleshnov comments that climbing very useful for children's health, it develops all groups of muscles, reflexes and motor skills, strengthens bones and joints, develops spatial thinking. Children with different level of physical development can practice climbing. The Wall has experience of organizing activities for children who have cerebral palsy diagnosis. In addition to personal trainings, children event of pre-school age can sign up to Climbing School groups.  

"Before The Wall opened, no one professionally organized children climbing in Lviv. Not a single child from the region participated at prestigious competitions - says Stanislav Kleshnov. - The Wall is not the only rock climbing center in Lviv, but we are the first who started to develop culture of climbing, involving children. It is important that there is a business in Ukraine that is ready to help us, to invest in youth sports, in a healthy childhood".


Indoor rock climbing center The Wall today is the most modern object of this type in Ukraine. It works at the business center Technopark (Block 40, 72 Heroiv UPA, Lviv), occupying a total area of 250 square meters, equipped with 50 trails of varying difficulty. The walls at The Wall center has abrasive coating, it is equipped with ultra-modern certified equipment and has several thematic zones. In particular, there is a warm-up zone, a bouldering area, children's artificial rock and zone of high trails (up to 14 meters). The athletes can train with top-rope or lower belay. Thus, every lover of outdoor activities - either professional climber or amateur - depending on the preferences and its own goals might find the appropriate trail at The Wall.



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