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Nov 23, 2023

During a month from launching of interactive charity project "FISHKOGRAY" in Fishka loyalty program there has been already collect more than 10 out of 30 million hryvnias for “NEZLAMNI” (Unbroken)  rehabilitation center.

The center deals with prosthetics and rehabilitation of defenders of Ukraine, as well as civilians who lost their limbs in war.

"We are grateful to everyone who has already joined our charity project and contributed to prosthetics of invincible Ukrainians. Thanks to your concern and the music of outstanding Volodymyr Ivasyuk, that sounds on folk instruments in the Fishka application, we promptly raised a third of the required sum. There are still 20 million hryvnias to do, but I am sure that we will manage it quickly. Hence, a lot of people are waiting for our help", - said OLGA SEMCHUK, HEAD OF THE FISHKA LOYALTY PROGRAM.

"The team of the National Rehabilitation Center “NEZLAMNI” (Unbroken) works every day so that every Ukrainian who suffered in this war could be saved, received prosthetics and rehabilitation in the home country. Unfortunately, the number of Ukrainians who lost their limbs while defending us is growing every day. These are thousands of soldiers and civilians. And we have to provide them with the best prostheses, the cost of which is from 10 to 50 thousand dollars. With the help of the project, we will be able to purchase the best prostheses for our patients, and thus - return them to the most dignified life. We are very grateful to the Fishka loyalty program and our partner Mastercard for social responsibility and support of invincible Ukrainians", - said IRYNA ZASLAVETS, HEAD OF THE "NEZLAMNI" PROJECT.

We remind that all users of the Fishka application can join the "FISHKOGRAY" project. For each purchase with Fishka the customer has opportunity to guess Ivasyuk’s melody, played on one of the Ukrainian folk instruments. And the Fishka program, together with its partner Mastercard, donates to the "NEZLAMNI" center for each such attempt. If the answer is correct, the amount of the donation makes from UAH 3 to 1,000 (the value is generated randomly), if not, the charitable transfer makes UAH 1. For payment with a Mastercard payment card at OKKO, the opportunity to guess the melody and generate a donation is provided twice.

In addition, you can support the project either with Fishka points in the application or on the website. Also you can make donation to the mono bank.

Almost 40,000 Fishka customers have already transferred their points to this initiative. The largest donation to the mono bank was 50 thousand hryvnias, and with points - 7347 hryvnias.

Thus, customers of the loyalty program and other benefactors help Ukrainians to get prosthetics.

MORE DETAILED INFORMATION please find on the project page.

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